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Fritz Kalkbrenner

Producer: Alexander Schmidt
Year: 2022
Client: Goodlive Artists GmbH & Co. KG

in the morning

Musikvideo Release auf dem SMS & Lollapalooza

With “In the Morning” the Berlin producer Fritz Kalkbrenner releases his first vocal single since the last album “True Colours”. After the last four Top 10 albums, he has used the time in Corona to produce hits for his label Nasua. With the signature of “Back Home” or “Kings & Queens” he succeeds here thanks to his distinctive voice a new highlight. The melancholic lyrics with a catchy chorus creates a classic single in a modern deep house style.


Client: Goodlive Artists GmbH & Co. KG
Producer: Alexander Schmidt | Wecamz

DOP: Alex Schmidt
2nd camera: Tamino Zuch
3rd camera: Michael Adler
4th camera: Niklas Junger
FPV: Sergey Keppe
Post-Production: Hannes Stolpe & Alex Schmidt

Hannes ist ein ㅤFotograf, Filmemacher und Grafikdesigner aus Berlin/Potsdam. Seit 2014 ist er in den Bereichen Modefotografie, Filmemachen und E-Commerce unterwegs. Sein visueller Touch führten dazu, dass er für Kunden wie Levis, Calvin Klein, Breuninger, Armani Beauty und Universal Music - um nur einige zu nennen - arbeitete.


Avian Studios
Hannes Stolpe
Am Bassin 6
14467 Potsdam

Mail: contact@hannesstolpe.de
Tel.: +49 15202786015

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